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Soul Edge Canada 2020

Wow! What a year. This year was cut short because of Covid, but reflecting on the time we did have together, I can honestly say that it was incredible.  This year we had Tom Anderson, Naomi Worrall, Beth Mance, Alex Warren and Bekah Jackett, all serve on the leadership team for Canada.  The house was full with 9 students and the leaders. The team quickly jumped into the Soul Edge culture of honour and vulnerability and a big yes to the challenges. Sask in Jan was extra cold this year, with many of the first runs being run in -30C.

A few stand out moments for me would be walking into the room while the students were having an evening meal and seeing them passionately talking about theology and the spiritual disciplines. It demonstrated to me their hunger to grow as a team and to see this hunger spill over into life at the dinner table was beautiful to see. Evenings like this were common.   Banff, as always, is a great week, but for me, the highlight was hearing the testimonies of the students sharing the transformation that had taken place in their lives.  It is always a proud parent moment for all the leaders.

One of the hardest things I have ever had to do happened this year....sending students home. I can still remember the morning vividly.  As soon as I told the team they would have to return home because of covid I started to cry...grieved that they would not be able to do mission phase. I am so grateful that we finished the training phase, and at that moment seeing the team pivot and head home to bring the kingdom was a great joy. I am so proud of all you; you have continued to pursue your relationship with Jesus and to live in a radical posture.

There are countless moments of God encounters and brilliant conversations on adventure trips that just can't be captured in a few paragraphs. What a privilege to journey life together even the 3 months we had were so packed with extraordinary life and joy as we said yes to being disciples of Jesus together. In closing, I want to say what an honour it has been to serve the Soul Edge leaders of the 2020 team. I encourage you all to continue you to live forever ruined for the ordinary. 

Grace and peace,

Josh Erb

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