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What we believe and Value 



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You can view our statement of Faith and Values document. Click on link below. 


Equipping young men & women to rise up as a generation of Christian leaders capable and passionate about the global church & bringing change to the world around them. 

Our 3 Passions:

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What is Soul Edge? Part 1 -Adventure

What is Soul Edge? Part 2 -Training

Soul Edge Passions and Values

SE Canada infographic:

Soul edge canada infographic

New Zealand infographic:

Soul edge new zealand infographic

Base Locations

The Canadian Course is Based In the Comox Valley Vancouver Island and The New Zealand Soul Edge Nomad program is based out of Christchurch 

What happens on Soul Edge?


We split the course into two distinct phases, Training and Mission. Throughout both phases, 'Soul Edgers' are thrown into new adventures and new depths in their faith.


Whether your adventure is in Canada or New Zealand the teaching syllabus is the same. Soul Edgers will have teaching five days a week, two sessions a day, the first starting with worship. Sessions range from Identity & Spiritual

Gifts to Church History and accessible Theology. Time is given each day to develop a lifestyle of worship, reading scripture and personal time with Jesus. Each Soul Edger will go on a journey with their personal mentor who will meet with them regularly and assist in what God will already be stirring in their lives.


Each day, Soul Edgers are challenged with physical fitness sessions and led into the outdoors to make use of the rugged landscape that surrounds our bases. Sea, rock, ice, snow and forest are all there to be surfed, climbed and explored!


In order to really explore these vast wildernesses, we take a few weeks out of our daily routine to ‘expedition’. Finding ourselves deep in the snowy mountains of Strathcona Provincial Park or the endless Fiords of New Zealand, we forge tightly as a team, get pushed to our limits and reflect on what God is doing!


Whether Canada or New Zealand the aim is the same, to equip and show Soul Edgers how to become ‘everyday missionaries’ with the skills and experience to take the kingdom of God into all spheres of life, school, work, family and community.


To find out more details about the mission phase, what a Soul Edge day looks like, what the teaching syllabus is and how Soul Edge got its name request an info pack (bottom of page) and consider downloading the CA or NZ infographic for a quick reference


Join us and challenge your faith on Soul Edge!






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Quick FAQs


Soul Edge is a non profit organization (NPO) and a registered Canadian Charity. 

There are 2 Soul Edge courses: One in Canada and another in New Zealand. 

OPEN - 2022 Canada/NZ applications for 5 month courses NOW OPEN. Courses will run, COVID dependent Jan-May. However, we strongly encourage applicants as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Waiting lists can get long quickly. 

Canadian course cost - $8,650 CAD

New Zealand course cost - $9,600 NZD


The course fees cover the whole 5/3 months of training, guest speakers, discipleship, food, housing, travel and activities included. 


All Internationals require Health and Travel Insurance note: 30 days winter sports coverage is required for Canada (request Info Pack).

Team members are also responsible for costs of getting to the course starting point (i.e. Calgary in Canada and Christchurch in NZ) and buying personal kit i.e. gloves etc.

No spending money required. 

Both courses are for both men and women.  

The name Soul Edge comes from our historical relationship with Soul Survivor International. 

Since 2006 we have run 20 intensive courses.


Open the full info pack by clicking the relevant course at the top of the page.


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