Gap Years and Overseas Experiences are undoubtedly looking different for 2021. But we think that shouldn't stop you from getting spiritually equipped for the life ahead and having the adventure of a lifetime!


Why not use this time to immerse yourself in the New Zealand wilderness and see what you've never seen before! That's why for 2021 we've only changed the bare minimum and will do mission training in Christchurch rather than Vanuatu, but the teaching, discipleship and adventures are all as wild as ever.  


Check out the Info pack and see in detail what the course will look like. 

Please note that we hope to be able to offer the classic 5 month Soul Edge course for 2022. 


Key 2021 Details:

Dates > Feb 18th - May 23rd

Cost > $4700

Base > North Canterbury

Adventure > South Island Wilderness

Mission > Christchurch

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