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Josh Erb

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CEO and Director 

Josh is a visionary leader sold out to the Jesus-model of raising and equipping Christian world-changers. He Co-founded Soul Edge Ministries with his twin brother, Joel, at just 19 after interning with Mike Pilavachi at Soul Survivor. During this time, Josh ministered in the UK and around the World learning from Mike, with a season of his internship in Malaysia. Josh is passionate about developing community and leaders who transform culture. While seeing the big picture, Josh is also second-to-none at 1:1 discipleship and pastoral care.


Josh is also Senior Pastor at Herbert Crossroads Church and an avid adventurer who can be found ice climbing and training for long distance races. He is also a worship leader and member of the on-call Herbert Fire department. 

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Kiri Erb

Teacher and Administrator 

Kiri pours her heart into each Soul Edge team, sharing from her depth of theological and cross-subject knowledge in order to help students capture the vibrancy of the Gospel. Kiri has a BA in Politics and International Relations from Nottingham University, UK, with a year at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She is currently working on her MA systematic and Philosophical Theology with the University of Nottingham.  Kiri is an avid runner and writer. She hopes to have her cross-genre book, 'Love, War and the Mess in-between' in print in the near future. 

Kiri is also wife to Josh Erb and mom to Caleb (9) Lydia (8) and Zoe (5).

She started as a Girls Team Leader for Soul Edge in 2009 after a range of ministry and mission experience. 

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Sebastian Gray

New Zealand Director 


After graduating from Soul Edge in 2010, Seb worked for the Christian outdoors organisation Rock UK. He then came back in 2013, 2014 and 2015 as a Team Leader. Since then, Seb has been Chief Instructor (Activity Manager) at Rock UK Carroty Wood in Kent. He has also managed to Lead World Challenge Teams on adventures in destinations such as Morocco. 


Seb is an absolutely incredible leader, full of passion and a desire to see lives and culture transformed. 


Seb is the New Zealand base director launching 2020. He has also been a core member of the Soul Edge PLUS team. 

 Soul Edge Canada Team Leaders

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Larry Benoy

Assistant Team Leader

Larry was a 2018 student. We are beyond excited to welcome Larry back for the 2022 Canada course. Larry is gifted in the area of music engineering, as well as evangelism. After university Larry worked with the message trust. He is also putting his genius to work on the Soul Edge PLUS podcast. He can also be found walking ALL of the different routes in and round Snowdonia. 


Jael Erb

Assistant Team Leader 

Jael is joining the Soul Edge Canada team this year but has been connected with Soul Edge for many years. Jael went to BSSM in 2016 and, after graduating went on to study Nursing. She is a Registered Nurse and is an all-round incredible leader. Whether it is serving on worship teams or youth teams, Jael always truly lives the Jesus model lifestyle. 

Photo of Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson

Senior Team Leader 

Tom is a 2015 Alumnus. After finishing his Engineering degree at Durham where he led the Christian Union, Tom is back with us for Canada 2020. Tom has a unique and infectious passion for the things of Jesus. As a leader, he carries so much authority and wisdom. Those he disciples will be forever changed and blessed by the investment of Tom in their lives. He is also from the Isle of Man! 

Soul Edge NZ Team Leaders

Serving alongside Sebastian Gray, you will also find: 

Photo of Pille-Riin Kulla

Pille-Riin Kulla

New Zealand Team Leader 


Pille graduated from Soul Edge in 2015 and helped lead the mission phase in Pelican Narrows during the 2016 course. She currently works as a Health Care Assistant and has been training in midwifery. Her dream is to use her health care skills to build relationships with people who don't yet know Jesus, which is why her most recent adventure was to the Philippines to work alongside missionaries there. Pille has a wonderful balance of faith lived out in word and deed. When she is given the chance to take on an adventure she never says no!

Photo of Josh Bush

Josh Bush

New Zealand Team Leader 

Josh successfully completed the Soul Edge course in 2014 showing a real aptitude for learning and spiritual growth. Since then, he has ministered in the UK and in New Zealand whilst also completing a Bachelor of Arts in Sport and Social Sciences. He is a wonderful spiritual counsellor and a natural evangelist. After leading the 2019 Canada Team he is currently a core member of the NZ Soul Edge 2020 Team. 

David Dennington

Photo of David Dennington

New Zealand launch team 

David carries such a wonderful joy of the Lord! But don't be fooled: you sides might be splitting but he also carries such a unique blend of insight, truth and worship that will leave your life changed. David is such a valuable and loved member of the NZ 2020 launch team, after completing SE himself in Canada in 2019. David also carries such an anointing for prayer and worship. 

Photo of Sam Norman

Sam Norman

New Zealand Placement 

Since Sam's Soul Edge year in 2018, Sam has been pursuing a degree in Theology at Moorlands in the UK. We are so excited to have him back with us- but in NZ this year! We know that he will go all in, challenging the students to go to the edge in all those beautiful and amazing Soul Edge ways! 

Soul Edge PLUS Leadership Team 

Photo of Josh Dewes

Josh Dewes

Soul Edge PLUS Leader 

Josh completed Soul Edge in 2017. Ever since, he has been radically sold out for Jesus. Josh came back to SK, Canada in 2017/18 as CEO Josh Erb's Intern at Crossroads Church. He is currently working at HTB ministering to Young Adults and University students. Josh is working with Chris as they continue to build into Soul Edge grads, helping them stay connected and growing the network. 

Photo of Izzie Dewes

Chris Hall

Soul Edge PLUS Leader


Chris is driven by a desire to see the depth of the gospel revealed in lives. This means true life and love lived out within community. Chris did his gap year with us in 2016 mid way through his Theology Degree at the London School of Theology. Finishing that in 2017 he has been investing in the Young Adults work at HTB London as well as Team Leading the 2018 Soul Edge Course. 

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Izzie Dewes

Soul Edge PLUS Leader


Izzie is an absolutely phenomenal leader, passionate about the issues that affect the world. After Soul Edge, Izzie pursued a further training, whilst also starting the Nottingham chapter of Just Love, a Christian organization dedicated to social engagement. Izzie helped lead a team to Costa Rica in 2019 as apart of a movement dedicated to helping end sexual exploitation and slavery.

She is also a hugely valued and loved member of the Soul Edge network and movement. 

Soul Edge International Support Team

Photo of Joe Dale

Joe Dale

Strategic Planning and Digital Support 


Joe did the Soul Edge course in 2020, before staying in Canada to support Soul Edge on digital projects and strategy. Prior to Soul Edge, Joe worked at Google in a digital marketing team, while running his own business on the side. He is passionate about using business for the kingdom and investing in initiatives which transform lives.

Photo of Josh Leutchford

Josh Luetchford

UK SE Admin Team 


Josh is a hugely talented illustrator and minister to all ages. Josh's Soul Edge year was 2016 - an all male course! After loving every minute and showing time and time again what an incredible servant leader he is we invited Josh to came back to serve the team on mission in Pelican Narrows during the 2017 course. Josh completed an Internship at Burlington Baptist Church and wonderfully ministers the goodness of the Gospel to all ages. He also led the 2019 Canada Team. 

Photo of Rachel Luetchford

Rachel Luetchford

UK SE Admin Team 


Rachel did the Soul Edge course back in 2014 where she excelled. She then studied at UEA earning a degree in International Development, where she devoted her dissertation to European Law regarding the Modern Day Slave Trade and Human Trafficking. Since graduation she has been involved in research regarding young adults and leadership in the UK Church at the Forge Leadership Consultancy. Rachel also led the 2019 Canada Team.