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Photo of Stephen Conacher
Stephen Conacher- 2011 Team 
Youth Pastor at Holy Trinity, Cambridge 

There are few seasons of my life that have had as much impact as Soul Edge. In five months of unforgettable adventure and community I discovered some incredible things - a new confidence in God, a new sense of Jesus’ calling over my life, and a new depth of relationship with Him - all of which have lasted through the years. As a youth pastor today, I can’t stop myself recommending young people to sign up!



Photo of Luke Simpson
Luke Simpson- 2016 Team
Leadership Development at Camp all America 

These five months would drastically change me. I was given tools and lessons on my identity in Christ and theology that sparked a fire in my mind to love my God like I never had before.


Photo of Rich Dicas
Rich Dicas- 2008 Team 
Director of David's Tent 

Soul Edge was a life transforming experience for me back in 2008. It instilled in me a strong value of servant leadership, humility and radical faith that still shapes my approach to daily life today. The course itself was an amazing blend of simple disciplines and daily rhythms with stepping out in faith and wild adventures in crazy places.



Photo of Olive Bush
Olive Bush 
(Soul Edge Parent, 2014)
& Long Term UK Youth Pastor 
Joel & Joylyn Erb
Missionary Partners

Josh wanted to attend Soul Edge since he was about 13 or 14. Being offered the opportunity to indulge in his passion for extreme sports (in extreme conditions) alongside discipleship training was just the icing on the cake.  

So we said goodbye to Josh at Gatwick and waited to hear about his adventures.  We shared many Sunday evening Skype sessions with him when we got to hear all about his week’s sporting activities, and the things he had been learning.


As they headed off to the mission field to the First Nation peoples, we heard how he was having the chance to put a lot of that learning into practice in ministry to a completely different culture to the one he had grown up in, which wasn’t always easy.


The highlight for us was travelling out to Canada to ‘collect’ Josh at the end of the season, where we got to meet the leaders ourselves, before heading off to a family holiday in the States.


I was wondering how Josh would acclimatise back to his normal life, and was so encouraged to see his passion for the Lord, His word, worship and ministry continue to be at the forefront of all he does back in the UK.

Soul Edge has deeply impacted Josh’s life and vision.

Photo of Joel & Joylyn Erb

'Soul Edge 2015 team was dynamic, productive and full of servant hearts. There ability to see and minister to peoples needs was remarkable.

Because of the help of Soul Edge, we were also able to accomplish many impacting events for the Church and the community.'

Joel and Joylyn Erb, Pelican Rising Minsitries
Missionary Partners

Richard Sterry (Soul Edge 2014 Parent)

"As parents, it was hard to see our son disappear off half way round the world for 5 months with a group of people he'd never met and we didn't know. His journey however was remarkable as he experienced more than we imagined and he gained a wealth of biblical knowledge supporting a deep relationship with Jesus. Returning in the summer, he had clearly started his adult life which is likely to be a great adventure."


Joel Wells (2015) 
Photo of Rachel Harris
Rachel Harris (2014)
Forge Leadership Consultancy 

'Soul Edge was one of the best decisions I've made! The opportunity to spend 5 months focused on pursuing God, with like-minded people, in a beautiful country is so unique and I wish I could do it again! I'm sure that the foundations that were built on Soul Edge will have lasting effects on me. It provided me with the space to grow deeper with God and discover what a life seeking His kingdom means.


The great teaching coupled with the discipleship culture that Soul Edge exhibits was so beneficial and helped me to fall deeper in love with God and discover the joy that comes with this. I am so thankful for Soul Edge and strongly encourage others to take this amazing opportunity!'

Photo of Joel Wells

'It was mainly the adventure side of Soul Edge that drew me to it at first, but the teaching and training lead by Josh, Kiri and the other leaders was so amazing, full of wisdom, truth and is immensely useful for living a radical life! The course wouldn't be what it is and where it is without it.
The leaders guidance, both in my spiritual walk and in terms of leadership skills has been amazing, it has changed me so much, helped me more fully understand my identity in Christ, helped me to step into my roll as a leader and helped me realise more fully how incredible my God is and how much awesome stuff He has planned for me!'



Photo of Pille-Riin Kulla
Pille-Riin Kulla  (2015)

'God showed me how much more He is than I had experienced or even imagined before and to be hungry for more and to not limit Him to our human understanding. The culture that we lived in, the people we were surrounded by, the opportunities we had and the way that God met us has put a new passion in my heart to see His Kingdom touch people's hearts. I feel called and more equipped to do the work that Jesus has prepared for us and to say yes to God in the big things and in the every day little ones!'

Caleb Dawson (2015)
Photo of Caleb Dawson

If you love Jesus and want to be kick-started into living out the radical, abundant life Jesus promised; do Soul Edge!'



Caroline Owen-Jones (Parent, 2013)
Christopher Richter (2014)
Rock UK & Soul Edge NZ base leader 
Photo of Caroline Owen-Jones

When your 17 year old takes off to the other side of the world, with people you don't know, you ask yourself if you were wise to let them go…. well, as parents of a newly returned Soul Edger, we can confidently say it is the best thing we could have let our daughter do. I think she has learned in 5 months what many followers of Jesus take half their lives to learn - if ever. She has lost any teenage hangups she had, she is full of the joy of God, she never complains about anything anymore (since hacking through ice and snow, surviving insanity workouts and amusing extremely energetic under 8s in the "Kid's Corner" in Pelican Narrows, I think nothing daunts her now!), she is full of a new warmth, empathy and deep desire to live in the fullness of God's Kingdom. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

Photo of Christopher Richter

'Soul edge 2014 was not only the best time of my life so far because I had some amazing adventures with the most awesome people I've ever met, but also because it gave me a chance to separate myself from what I thought of as real life, and showed me the bigger perspective.

I am now aware of the mindset of the kingdom and not just of the world. I try to make decisions with eternity in mind, not just the next few days.


The kingdom is coming thick and strong and fast, and Soul Edge plays much more of a part in that than many people may realize!'

Daniel Sterry (2014)
Photo of Daniel Sterry

'For me, Soul Edge ended up being not just a 5 month gap year course or 'an experience' as some might say, but the start of a life long journey in which the direction and the end destination is known for sure'.


Group of men who are Soul Edge Alumni
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