Have you thought about Joining our Support Team?

Soul Edge is a Non-Profit Organization and a registered Canadian Charity.

While Course Fees ensure that a participant on Soul Edge does not have to give an extra penny whilst in Canada or New Zealand, they do not cover all of the costs of running the programme, investing into young leaders and the communities in which we serve. 


We really believe that Soul Edge works. We have seen lives changed and transformed, and this is why each leader volunteers 5 months of their year to Soul Edge (without monetary reimbursement). 


To continue to bring the quality of the programme we desire, we need help. 


If you believe in Soul Edge too, and our vision for raising up young men and women passionate and critically equipped to bring change and the light of the Gospel wherever they are, we would love for you to join our support team. 


The easiest way to give is Canada Helps. You can set up a one-time donation or a monthly gift. 

If you are from the UK you can give to us via give.net or directly from your Stewardship Account if you already have one set up. 

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This is a great way to give one time, or to give monthly. Please press the adjacent Logo for more information. 

Thank you so much for supporting us!

We literally can't do it without you!

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