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Soul Edge NOMAD.

"The Soul Edge Nomad course is as rugged as an ol' musterer's gum boot (wellington boot)! It's the true traveller's adventure with unknown outcomes, your life in a backpack and the open road ahead. But we've added an extra ingredient - purpose. We don't simply want to adventure and travel for the sake of it; we want you to grow holistically. Learn core truths that shape our lives, become practised in forming good community and build solid spiritual practices that will serve you in your faith journey.


We will camp on beaches, drive mountain passes, summit peaks, wade through rivers, take in vistas, get dwarfed by towering valley walls, dive into plunge pools, surf waves and much much more. Each of these adventures are designed to address our teaching topic of the moment, which means it's not your average walk in the park or day at the beach; it's an adventure with a purpose. 

Why it's called Nomad?

It's called Nomad because we're constantly on the move, only staying in the same spot for 2-5 days. There's no time to get itchy feet because before you know it we'll be in the hills again or exploring an abandoned gold mining town! 


With 45 teaching topics, regular worship, guided personal quiet times and intentional one-to-one mentoring we create the perfect environment for growth. Whether your faith questions are formed on Soul Edge or you've had them for years, this is the place to engage in the wrestle for answers. We aim to prepare you for a lifetime of faith by delivering fundamental training in and out of the classroom:


So come hungry. Hungry for a physical and spiritual adventure.



Why not combine your Soul Edge adventure with an optional mission trip and church internship with Grace Vineyard?


Soul Edge: Jan 6th - Feb 9th


Church Camp: You are welcome to wind down after Soul Edge by joining us on our church camp from the 2nd-5th Feb.


Vanuatu Mission: Feb 12th - Mar 14 minimum, but, you can extend your mission trip for as long as you'd like! 


Grace Vineyard Internship: The start date is flexible, so you can start this straight after Soul Edge or after the mission trip and will finish in December. Check out their website for more specific details here.


Please get in touch to talk about your options. Our desire is that Soul Edge is just one part of a formational year of consequence for you. 

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